27 September 2012

In Memoriam Young Justice's Jason Todd

Tomorrow morning the dearly departed Jason Todd will get a shout out on the Young Justice episode, Satisfaction. Following the events of Depths in which Artemis faked death at the hands of Aqualad, the team will erect a monument to their fallen comrade. Turns out the monument is not the first of its type, but similar tributes were made to the Blue Beetle Ted Kord, Tula, and Robin. Its a safe assumption that in Earth-16 like in mainstream comics, that fallen Robin was the second hero to don the costume, Jason Todd.

Originally appearing in print in 1983's Batman #357 Jason Todd served as the second sidekick to the Caped Crusader for several years before ultimately being voted to death by fans via a 1-900 number. The climax to the epic Death in the Family saga was adapted within 2010's Batman: Under the Red Hood. which saw the Joker beating Jason with a crowbar before exploding him with a bomb... you know, for kids.

After nearly 20 years, Jason came back from the dead - thanks in part to either a Lazarus pit or as a result of Superboy Prime punching reality (long story). In any case, Jason returned, donning the original name of his killer, Red Hood. This too was told in Batman: Under the Red Hood.which also served as the first onsceen appearance of Jason Todd - though some would argue that The New Batman Adventures version of Tim Drake (Robin III) also drew character elements from Robin II.

The Death in the Family story was again paid homage later in 2010 in Emperor Joker, a second season episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Thanks for rubbing salt in a wound Bat-Mite.

In 2012, Jason Todd was teased as the true identity of the vigilante Red X on the New Teen Titans short Red  Unmasked... But so was Alfred. At least it was established that even in the Teen Titans Earth, there was a Jason Todd. So will Jason continue his triumphant comeback with further appearances? Will Red Hood make a showing on Young Justice? Its just nice to know that in comics, fallen heroes may be gone temporarily, but are never forgotten.


  1. "Tomorrow morning..."

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  2. Ha ha. You are right. I know DC Nation is on Saturdays. Problem is, half the time I don't know what today is.