24 September 2012

The Dark Knight and DC Nation Return

This week in DC animation is sure to put a smile on your face. On Tuesday, The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 hits store shelves adapting the first two chapters of the landmark graphic novel. Even though I am much more looking forward to Part 2, this first movie stands remarkably well on its own. Even though I dare speak heresy by saying The Dark Knight Returns as a story is a bot overrated, this adaptation is pretty well done and certainly wasn't watered down for younger audiences. But speaking of the younglings, this week also promised the long awaited return new content to DC Nation.

Saturday's episode of Green Lantern: The Animated Series, "The New Guy," will introduce the new Green Lantern of Earth, Guy Gardner. Even without his bowl cut, Guy should be a lot of fun as he and Hal team in the season premier to investigate season 2 baddies, the Manhunters. Whether the Anti-Monitor makes his debut in this episode remains to be seen.

While things could always change, Cartoon Network has currently listed a new episode of New Teen Titans as one of Saturdays new animated shorts. Not sure what "Gamma Rays and You" will be about, but I am hoping for a Starfire spotlight.

Young Justice will return by unleashing the recently thawed Roy Harper AKA the real Speedy who by the sounds of things will be taking on the Arsenal name in his quest for revenge against those that stole his arm and years of his life AKA Lex Luthor in "Satisfaction."

Finally. the DC Nation block has promised the debut of Justice League of Animals in "Taking Out the Trash." The series of shorty will feature animalized versions of the JLA and their enemies including Wonder Wombat, Cybug, and Lex Liger. While I am most excited for the return of Young Justice, you must admit, its a good time to be a fan of DC animation.

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  1. So excited for YJ to return! It's been too long :D