23 April 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Corruptible Carrot Man

Yes, the villain was a man in a carrot suit. You may have guessed that, but you probably wouldn't have guessed that he went crazy after losing on a TV game show or that he had a magical cornucopia.You probably also would not have guessed that he sought a cosmic scepter in the Himalayas using a giant avocado as leverage. Plastic Man eventually beat Carrot Man by taking the form of a rabbit and threatening to eat him. This just may have been the most preposterous episode yet.

The escapades between Plas and Penny were also particularly kinky this time as he took the form of a trampoline and she jumped on him...  Baby Plas was inevitable.
Episode Count: 0353
Series Count: (16 of 35)

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