24 April 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Maniacal Computerhead

 It was a bit of a letdown that "Computerhead" was basically just a robot. I guess it makes sense, but I was expecting something a bit more ridiculous like a man with a calculator face. In a Matrix style revolution, Computerhead took control of machines, even ones with no computer parts in them. 

This seems like as good an episode as any to talk about the Plasti-Jet. Plas, Hula, and Penny always fly around in a big red jet. Its like their helicarrier. Why? It seems terribly inefficient, although its pretty cool how it can do vertical landings. At least this episode made a plot point out of the jet by turning it "evil." The lowlight of the episode came as Plas and Co dressed up as machines and went to a robo-disco. Plas hit on a jukebox and Penny got jealous. Super lame. This was horrible, like way worse than a half ape. At least I am nearing the half way point.

Episode Count: 0354
Series Count: (17 of 35)

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