16 April 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Diabolical Dr. Dome

Dr. Dome looked like a Flamenco dancer wearing a homemade Juggernaut costume with his daughter going for a Catwoman knock-off look. Tres bizarre. The ploy, steal Plastic Man's powers and give them to buildings. For example, the leaning Tower of Pisa grew arms and robbed a bank... for real. And I know I have beat this drum before, but it was just too long. 5-10 minutes I could have handled with the uber-zany premise, but 20 minutes is just too much. I swear I won't make this criticism again, even though I will live it. Its also worth saying that Dr. Dome's costume is one of the worst supervillain costumes I have ever seen.

Episode Count: 0348
Series Count: (11 of 35)

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