30 April 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Ghostfinger

Adding to the romantic "tension"this episode had the bumbling Sally, one of Plas' old flames, calling on the team to help foil Ghostfinger. Between the Chief and Sally, Plas has really bad taste in women. With an evil apparition and a Velma-esque character along for the adventure, this had a serious Scooby vibe about it, though Ghostfinger upped the ante by introducing a time machine. Can ghosts time travel? Who knows because all the time machine was used for was to summon a wolfman and a yeti. I suppose monsters were a lot more common in the past... even though they were also called ghosts sometimes. I don't know, this one was just a bit crazy.

Episode Count: 0358
Series Count: (21 of 35)

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