01 May 2013

Super History of Superman: Supergirl (1984)

Just a year after the disappointment that was Superman III, producers hoped to launch a spin-off franchise with Supergirl. The Supergirl movie is worthy of its own whole series of posts, but since this series is focused on Superman's onscreen history, I will simply say that despite it being a huge mess of a movie it was set in the same continuity as the Superman films. At one point Kara AKA Linda Lee saw a poster of her cousin on the wall of Lucy Lane's dorm room.

I fell a need to say that Supergirl was played well and the character had a very likable innocence, but a super story or even a sensical story, this had not.

Check back next week for another chapter in The Super History of Superman.

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  1. I got this for my daughter a couple years ago and as bad as it is, it's still better than Superman III and Superman IV.