22 July 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Super Friends Shorts

In 1980 after two seasons of half hour adventures in Challenge of the Super Friends and The World's Greatest Super Friends,the series was ready for one of its many revamps. For the next 3 seasons and 66 episodes the series would consist of 3 adventures per half hour with an irregular rotation of heroes including previously introduced guests like Black Vulcan, the Atom, and the Wonder Twins.

During the second season of Super Friends shorts, the last of the original "ethnic" heroes, El Dorado was introduced. Although not entirely clear, El Dorado's powers included the ability to teleport and create illusions with the help of his cape.

After the addition of El Dorado, the intro sequence was revised. Also the series title card was updated with El Dorado's face as well as with Superman's head moving in front of the show title which even though it reads Superfriends, I maintain the title was actually the two word version Super Friends. After the first two seasons aired, Super Friends became a weekday syndicated show and not wishing to compete with itself, Super Friends was cancelled - though additional episodes were still made. These "lost" 8 episodes of the third season eventually surfaced during rerun blocks and finally made it to DVD. Ironically, the non-lost episodes, though available on Amazon and iTunes still await a wide release... but the first half only need wait until tomorrow!

Season 1 Intro

Season 2 Intro

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