10 August 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Thunder and Lightning: Lightning Under the Weather

Black Lightning is a great superhero who has been way underused, so for that reason its great to see him in these shorts... having said that this focus on his kids does not seem to be working. I really didn't get the humor in this short. On the other hand, BL fighting the natural disaster themed Masters of Disaster all by itself would have made for a good short. Sure, have the girls join in the fight. I'd take that too. But the lightning sneezes just didn't cut it for me. The one joke I will admit to liking was the Booster Golden Crisp vs Blue Beetle Berry Crunch cereal gag. Why aren't those on store shelves now?

DC Nation Short Count: 0059
First Appearance: Coldsnap
First Appearance: Heatstroke
First Appearance: New Wave
First Appearance: Shakedown
First Appearance: Windfall

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