20 March 2014

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Falling Red Star

Who would have guessed Swamp Thing had a green thumb? But seriously, who would build a nuclear satellite and allow it to enter a decaying orbit? The Red Star sattellite just happened to land in the swamp setting the stage for another showdown between Swampy and Arcane. This time Bayou Jack became the victim of mutation turning into a giant mantis.

 I admit to being a little confused from this episode. Swamp Thing engineered a Venus fly trap to de-mutate Jack, but why couldn't he de-mutate himself. Perhaps he likes being a pile of weeds? Radioactive Un-Men didn't seem to difficult to beat as long as you have yourself a weaponized Venus fly trap. Of course, then you have to deal with a mutant plant monster... easy work for a Swamp Thing. Maybe it is easy being green.

Episode Count: 0532
Series Count: (3 of 5)

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