18 March 2014

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Un-Men Unleashed

"You can't mutate a mutant." Words to live by... and away we go officially into the '90s. In full disclosure I know very little about Swamp Thing. I have seen the live action movie, once. And I know a bit about his back story, but I pretty much had no idea who any of the characters in this episode were. Apparently Arcane has been Swampy's primary adversary in all of his onscreen appearances and the Un-Men were Arcane's mutant creations.

It was nice include Swamp Thing's origin as the mutated scientist Alec Holland. Not so nice was the band of merry teenage sidekicks including Arcane's own step daughter. The honest truth is that I didn't hate this. It was clearly aiming to sell some toys, what with the tanks, and swamp buggies, but there were enough interesting looking creatures to sustain 1 episode... I have a feeling though that 5 will be enough to give me my fill. I am sure sick of the theme song already.

Episode Count: 0530
Series Count: (1 of 5)
First Appearance: Swamp Thing
First Appearance: Arcane

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