09 April 2014

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Be a Clown

 While it may not be one of the series worst episodes, I think this may be the worst episode in which the Joker is the primary villain. This was the first episode to feature a returning villain, and after the strong debut in Joker's Favor its a shame that this tale fell so flat.

The first half was OK even though the Joker disguised as a clown is sort of redundant. It was when the Joker became the mentor of the Mayor's rebellious son that things just didn't work for me. Exploding babies and a roller coaster battle on the other hand were a highlight, but not enough to get me to forget about the bratty kid. In a series with so many stand out episodes, the ones like this that are just fine tend to be a letdown.

Episode Count: 0543
Series Count: (9 of 81)

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