11 August 2014

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Terrible Trio

 This one has a reputation for being one of the series worst, but that's not really fair. While it may not be a great episode due to the lackluster villains, a trio of bored frat boy 1%ers, this is not Batman in My Basement. Its just a fairly mediocre tail.

 Its pretty ridiculous that Batman suggests the trio are "worse than the Joker" because at least he is mad. I think the hundreds killed my Mr J might disagree. Another thing, I know that this themed trio of land, sea, and air dominating predators comes from the comics, but they are a pretty stupid idea to me. I don't understand why they have been adapted in not only BTAS, but also The Batman and Brave and the Bold. Then again, if a guy dressing as a bat is a good idea, why not a fox, vulture, or shark?

Episode Count: 0608
Series Count: (74 of 81)
First Appearance: Terrible Trio

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