17 April 2009

If You Haven't Been Watching Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Now is the time to tune in to Batman: The Brave and the Bold - that is if you want to see Babyface and his wife Mrs. Manface. Thanks to AnimatedSuperheroes.Com for breaking this image.

Sure the show is wacky, but its had some pretty cool moments in the midst of all the outrageousness, such as an army of alternate reality Bat-Men,

Aquaman taming one of Batman's lymphocytes dubbed "platelet" in a fantastic voyage.

Batman and Green Arrow teaming up with Merlin in Medieval times

Batman teaming up with Sherlock Holmes (not pictured) to take down Jack the Ripper.

Bat-ape and Plastic Man fighting dinosaurs.

Admit it, you are curious. The next episode, Night of the Huntress, airs May 1 @ 8:30

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