13 April 2009

What to Expect in 2010

Since these projects are a little farther off, the knowledge about them is a bit more limited. Here's the news I have managed to scrape up.

Feb 2010 - Planet Hulk (Animated DVD)

Now this is a project I can get behind. I assume this will be based on the comic book story of the same name which involves a secret group of superhero leaders called the Illuminati who consider the Hulk an unacceptable potential risk to Earth. They rocket him into space to live a peaceful existence on an uninhabited planet, but due to a trajectory fail, the Hulk crashes on the violent planet Sakaar where he becomes an intergalactic gladiator. So, basically Hulk meets Gladiator in space. Whats not to love? Seems like Hulk Smash and DVD are a match made in heaven.

07 May 2010 - Iron Man 2

This has a shot at being the biggest earner of 2010. The story may deal with Stark's alcoholism as Tony develops a drinking problem when he is unable to cope with his age and Pepper getting a boyfriend. It does not, however, look like the Demon in a Bottle arc, the quintessential Iron Man story, will be adapted just yet. It may be held for Iron Man 3. Fine, if they don't want to give that story its due yet that's their prerogative, BUT hero turning dark in part 3 didn't work out so well in Superman 3 or Spider-Man 3. On the other hand, this may be a smart move to build anticipation for part 3 because this is such a well known tale. Bottom line for me, if they want to hold off, I hope they are still delivering the goods in part 2.

In part 2, I expect S.H.I.E.L.D. will continue to have a major role and Black Widow (thanks to ScreenRant.com for the look at ScarJo as BW) and War Machine are also expected to play major roles. Sam Jackson as Nick Fury is also expected to have a pre-closing credits role this time around.

As for villains, It looks like we will be getting Whiplash as opposed to the previously rumored Crimson Dynamo. Whiplash will get his technological toys from Anti-Stark industrialist Justin Hammer. No word if we will see Iron Man nemesis Mandarin, or if he is being held for another day.

I have high hopes for Iron Man 2. Its got a lot to live up to, but if it keeps the balanced tone and humor of the first one, lighting could strike twice.

25 Jun 2010 - The Green Hornet

I have a couple of problems with this project. First, I don't really care about the Green Hornet and I am not sure that anyone else does either. The TV show was big in the 60s from what I hear, but Kato played by Bruce Lee, Hornet's sidekick eclipsed the hero in popularity. At best, I can see this garnering up the level of interest of Dick Tracy, and that got a fairly lackluster response. The other concern I have I that there have been any number of "creative differences" during the film's early production which has lasted for years on end. The movie may or may not see the light of day, but we will at least know soon if a 2010 release is going to happen.

06 Aug 2010 - Jonah Hex

Ah, so Warner Brothers is aware that DC has more characters than just Batman and Superman. Right now I only have mild interest in this western anti-hero and I admit I don't know much about him other than he lives in the old west and kind of looks like Two-Face. Wikipedia adds that he was an officer for the Confederacy during the American Civil War and he is surly and cynical. I need to learn more, but I am not lining up for this yet.

05 Nov 2010 - Master Mind

No, this is not an adaptation of the classic board game - that would be a disaster. Instead, it is Dreamworks Animations answer to The Incredibles. The movie is described as "a villain gets depressed after accidentally killing his superhero nemesis Uberman." I am guessing that there will be plenty of pop culture references to keep it "hip," and though it may be fun, it will not rise to the level of Pixar greatness.

17 Dec 2010 - Green Lantern

Definitely my most anticipated release of next year will be Green Lantern, that is if it gets made. At this point, the idea sounds too good to be true, so until filming actually gets under way I will remain cautiously optimistic. The movie is rumored to focus on the Hal Jordan origin story, borrowing heavily from the Emerald Dawn storyline. Just like in the upcoming Green Lantern: First Flight animated tale, Hal will be under the tutelage of one Green Lantern Sinestro. Together they will fight Legion and Hector Hammond. There are also rumored appearances by the fashion challenged bowl cut and double breast touting Lantern Guy Gardner as well as Clark Kent.

If done well, this could be the beginning of a cohesive DC universe leading to a Justice League movie modeled after Marvel's Avengers initiative begun in Iron Man. There is also talk of plans for a Green Lantern trilogy that will include John Stewart and possibly other' Lanterns in the sequels. No matter how it turns out, it will have to be better than the Jack Black Green Lantern spoof that was gearing up back in 2006.

T.B.A 2010 - The Phantom

Created in 1936, The Phantom was the first crime fighter to wear the skintight costume and the first to wear a mask with no visible pupils, both superhero standards. I am pretty sure he remains one of the few heroes give purple such prominence in his costume.

The Sci-Fi channel (SyFy now) is reimagining The Phantom for modern times. He has a high tech nano-suit resistant to heat, bladed weapons, falls, impacts and small-arms fire. It also increases the wearers strength, and incorprates wireless communication devices.

I'm sure some will be outraged at the changes to this hero, but honestly I think its pretty much the only way to make the dude relevant anymore, especially after the 1996 Phantom film's horrible reception. Then again, he pretty much looks like the "Purple Arrow" from Smallville. Still, this looks better than Mansquito or the other made for SyFy movies we usually get. No official date has yet been given for this made for TV project.

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