16 April 2009

What to Expect in 2011

06 May 2011 - Spider-Man 4

Not too much is known about this film, but seeing as how a one-armed Curt Connors has appeared in the past two films, I pretty much expect to see the Lizard in this one.

The personal connection to Peter Parker that Raimi so loves is already even built in. I also expect that they will go the multiple foes route, because they always do. Two ideas I like are Kraven the hunter coming to town to hunt the Lizard and Spider-Man, or alternately, Morbius getting the animal DNA splicing treatment as well and reeking vampire havoc. This would also be a good time to see Spider-Man, looking for a cure possibly, and either getting extra arms or turning into a Man-Spider.

Other rumors I like less are including the Electro (he is OK, but the Lizard is due), Vulture (he is lame) or Carnage (not another Venom fiasco). The script is due Summer '09, so tidbits should be coming our way soon.

20 May 2011 - Thor

Again, not much is known, but I expect to see Loki as the main adversary. The movie may also include the on again off again Thor alter ego of Dr. Donald Blake. To teach Thor humility, Odin placed Thor (without memories of godhood) into the body and memories of an existing, partially disabled human medical student, Donald Blake. After becoming a doctor and thoroughly believing himself to be the young surgeon Blake, he later discovers Thor's disguised hammer and learns to change back and forth into the Thunder God. I think this could be pretty lame, but it may allow for more cohesion with a reality-based (or at least real world based) Marvel Film Universe.

22 Jul 2011 - The First Avenger: Captain America

With Captain America, why not go for a July 4th release? It sounds like this will be a period piece set entirely during World War II. Perfect! That makes it different than most of the other Superhero films out there and also "keeps it real yo." The movie will likely end with Cap in ice. Its the fish out of water element that comes next in the story that could derail his solid introduction. That may be a major plot element of Avengers.

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