06 May 2009

Superman and the Mole Men (1951) - Film Capsule

Hero: Superman

Villain(s): An angry mob

Diabolical Scheme: Kill the defenseless potentially radioactive and weird looking "Mole Men." Ask questions later.

Coolest Moment: A glowing orange. Also seeing Superman's first film and realizing how far he has come because there honestly wasn't much here to love.

Comic Book Logic: Apparently the Earth is hollow, and contains a civilization of Mole Men (read "little people" with bald caps) willing to climb a 6 mile tall ladder to explore after their ceiling was poked through. They also have advanced weaponry.

Review in 50 Words or Less: I will never again intentionally watch this movie. Superman appears near the half way point, flies once, and does a lot of lecturing and off screen bullet deflection. Obviously, today's effects are better, but even Superman IV’s effects, plot, script and dare I say logic were all far superior.

Availability: Superman Ultimate Collector's Edition (Containing Superman and the Mole Men and more) on DVD

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