07 May 2009

Green Lantern Takes 1 Step Forward and 6 Steps Back

The Green Lantern movie, gearing up for the start of production has been pushed back six months to June 2011. While this will allow the film time to actually be made before being released, and I guess that's important, it pits GL against 3 big Marvel movies. Also to be released in summer 2011 are Spider-Man 4, Thor, and Captain America. I really can't imagine this will help GL to succeed. Then again, maybe the Emerald Knight will steal away audiences from these lesser heroes (at least Thor and Cap). In any case, its a kind of risky maneuver.

One other interesting factoid to be discerned here is that Batman 3 is NOT going to be released in 2011. It appears there will be an at least 4 year gap between The Dark Knight and the next appearance of The Batman.

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