13 August 2010

Spotlight on Darkseid

Darkseid, one of DC comics most powerful and dangerous big bads first appeared in Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #134 arriving in 1970. This upcoming year looks to be a big one for the Lord of Apokolips who will be featured in an upcoming animated movie and will also be the main villain of Smallville's final season.

Darkseid made his onscreen debut in 1984 on the Super Friends: The Legendary Super Powers Show series. Of course, like any other great villain, Darkseid's ultimate aim was to enter into holy matrimony with the heroic female, in this case Wonder Woman. He was foiled in this and in every other diabolical scheme that followed.

Darkseid was slowly revealed as the ultimate villain of the 1996 Superman: The Animated Series. Not only was he the culprit behind the murder of a main character if the series, but he ended up nearly forever tarnishing Superman legacy on Earth.

After the Superman series, Darkseid would return to plague Superman in the Justice League series where he teamed up with Brainiac. Superman had finally had enough and it appeared as though Darkseid met his end in the episode Twilight.

Darkseid's legacy continued in the Justice League Unlimited series, but the man himself would eventually be resurrected in Alive! leading to one of the most epic Superman battles of all time.

Darkseid next appeared as a floating head in 2008's Justice League: The New Frontier.

Hopefully no punches will be pulled when old Darkseid plays a much more significant role in Superman Batman: Apocalypse based upon the Supergirl story arc of the Superman Batman comic.

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  1. Wonder woman is not a female human, she is an amazon