25 June 2011

Wonder Woman Pilot Leaks are a Springin' (UPDATED VIDEO LINK)

UPDATE: More clips here

First fans railed against the Wonder Woman pilot, then there was the shiny pants incident, and then it was all over. The Wonder Woman pilot was not picked up and Wonder Woman TV was dead. Ever since then, fans have been drooling to see just how craptastic the Wonder Woman pilot must have been for the network that brought us The Cape, to pass.

Although the pilot has not yet leaked, I imagine its only a matter of time. In fact, as reported by some sites Netflix is currently allowing users to place the unreleased pilot in their queue. Whether the pilot will actually ever become available has not yet been revealed.

Last week, the first footage of the pilot leaked, though it was quite brief, as in seconds.

Today a 30 second clip leaked, exponentially longer, and exponentially worse. At this rate the whole pilot should be available by roughly sometime around the 4th of July. Keep your fingers crossed and in the meantime why not enjoy one of the fine previous failed Wonder Woman pilots. (UPDATE June 25, New Link Added)

Whose Afraid of Diana Prince? (1967)

Wonder Woman (1974)

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