20 July 2011

Three Leaked Clips From the Failed Wonder Woman Pilot

UPDATE: Vids have been removed, but you may still be able to find copies on youtube of the action scene and tit talk scene while they last.

Three more clips from the failed NBC Wonder Woman Pilot have found their way online. One has some wire work action, including some lasso whipping, bracelet ricochets, and oh yeah, a brutal pipe through the throat. Another has an uncomfortable amount of "tit" talk. This shows looks like it was a disaster waiting to happen, but since the pilot is in the can, why not just release the whole thing and get it over with? Clocking in at 6 minutes, these clips probably make up about 10% of the total airtime.

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  1. Is she the chairman of the board of Wonder Woman, Inc.?

  2. Actually, CEO for Themyscira Industries. Not sure what they make, but Themyscira is the name of Wonder Woman's island. Subtlety is not her forte. I also her CEO job is not supposed to be a secret identity.