07 July 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Showdown

Original Airdate:October 16, 1942

“Faster than a streak of lightning, more powerful than the pounding surf, mightier than a roaring hurricane, this amazing stranger from the planet Krypton, The Man of Steel, Superman.” New intro eh? As it turns out Superman was now being compared to forces of nature rather than man made elements to up his threat level. I like that... "Threat Level - Superman!" That would make bad guys quake.

On to the plot. Why is Superman being so mean, oh wait! That’s not Superman! Oh its an impostor, of course. The real Superman must clear his name.

Best Part: Anticipating the bad guy making the realization that he was staring at the real Superman brought a smile to my face.

Worst Part: Superman struggled way too hard to get out of the bad guy's traps. One was just a Jabba style trap door with a desk on it. C’mon Superman, I could lift that desk. And didn't you just catch an airplane?
Episode Count: 0011
Series Count: (11 of 17)
Doppelganger Count: 0001

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