06 July 2011

Watch the Blade Anime Opening Credits

The last of the 4 Marvel Anime series, Blade, is almost upon us even though the first three (Iron Man, Wolverine, X-Men) still haven't quite arrived. I am not a huge Blade fan. I admit that I actually haven't even seen any of the Blade movies. What I know about him is from his appearance in the 90's Spider-Man series. Still, I am happy that at least so far this doesn't look like Twilight. 

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  1. how do you run this show and never seen any of the Blade movies?? Shame on you! You must watch all 3 and review them now, as well as Blade: The Series !

  2. Seriously, shame on me! I have seen parts of the the Blade movies, but never one all the way through. Maybe at some point I will have a Blade marathon.