07 July 2011

Zoom (2006) - Quickie Review

Recommended For
: 5 year olds and those holding out for a Sky High sequel.

Heroes: The new team Zenith composed of Zoom, Houdini, Wonder, Mega Boy, and Princess

Villains: Former Zenith member gone wrong Concussion

Diabolical Scheme: Concussion didn't really have a plan, but the military was really afraid of his random sonic blasts.

Coolest Moment(s): ... Um, I guess the final fight sequence. Not really "cool" but it was pretty much the only real action.

Worst Moment: Anything involving Mega Boy's powers which could also have been explained as, "he can turn into a super fat cartoon." The worst offense was his pool emptying mega butt cannonball.

Opening Weekend: $4,510,408

Total Domestic Box Office: $11,989,328

Review in 50 Words or Less: Aside from terrible acting, cheap effects, and a slow plot, the slapstick humor and relatable kids would probably appeal to that under 8 crowd. I almost want to defend the movie as long as it isn't intended for adults, at least its harmless. Plus, I liked the music.

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