06 July 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Japoteurs

Original Airdate: September 18, 1942

The intro was revised slightly in this episode. Superman was still, "faster than a speeding bullet" and "more powerful than a locomotive." But he was also, "able to soar higher than any plane." This was the first of the Famous Studio productions which saw a transition from Superman battling sci-fi elements to Superman starring in war propaganda. In this episode, Japanese saboteurs (dubbed "Japoteurs") stole a bomber but were thwarted by Supes and a stowaway Lois.

Best Part: Superman flew! No more sissy hops AND he caught a falling airplane!

Worst Part: Maybe it was a product of the times, but today the portrayal of the Japanese saboteurs is uncomfortable.

Episode Count: 0010
Series Count: (10 of 17)

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