14 July 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Underground World

Original Airdate: June 18, 1943

Lois and Clark went on a cave spelunking expedition and discovered bird people. Surprisingly the bird people were not too nice and needed to have Superman teach them a lesson.

Best Part: Bird people! After the downer brought on by the last episode, it was fun to have some escapism. I mean, just like in Jungle Drums, Lois found herself tied up and about to be burned alive while her tormentors danced around her, but having the bad guys be bird people made it a lot more fun.

Worst Part: Not too egregious, but after all their trouble Perry White lit Lois' story on fire and said that no one would believe it. Really Chief, it is soooo far fetched after all you've been through?

Episode Count: 0016
Series Count: (16 of 17)

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