13 July 2011

Watch the Dark Knight Rises Teaser Trailer Now (Official)

UPDATE 3:Back by popular demand is the now officially released trailer for The Dark Knight sequel, The Dark Knight Rises in good quality!

UPDATE 2: Sorry :( the jig is up. Unfortunately, due to a cease and desist order, this content has been removed. But the Dark Knight Rises Teaser will return once it has been officially released.

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  1. Legend. Thank you!

  2. Hey Warner Brothers - this post if for you.

    If people are posting rough, shaky versions of your trailer, then think ahead and GET THERE FIRST with an HD version. We call it planning.

    Come on, you're big boys and girls over at WB, I shouldn't have to tell you this stuff. Maybe you should put the guy who runs this blog in charge; he's clearly smarter than you...

  3. ***Spoiler Alert*** If Joseph Gordon Levitt is Robin in the movie, he will also be a villian... I'm guessing the Riddler.



  4. Joseph Gordon Levitt is not Robin or Riddler, he is John Blake, one of the Gotham City Detectives working with Gordon.