17 January 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - In Captains Cuda's Clutches

Hold on a sec! Was Tusky swimming in the Aquacave? I know I just went on a little rant about the cave, but that was before I realized it was full of water. That underwater computer is now even more ridiculous. Having said that, I had absolutely no problem with the pink crystalline people, nor the fact that some dude dressed up like Magellan wants to conquer their jewel city. But hold the phone. Forget Captain Cuda, the real "gem" in this episode was Cuda's surfboard who happened to be Starro the Conqueror!

It didn't really seem like this was THE Starro, then again it was a giant starfish. Don't know how many of those there. Its just that the real Starro could probably have taken on an octopus since he had the distinction of being the first villain to face the Justice League of America back in 1960. This turned out to be a pretty compelling episode. Starro caught my attention, but the jewel people and Magellan AKA Captain Barracuda were actually nice touches as well. Turns out this old fish still had a few tricks up his sleeve... even though fish don't usually have sleeves.

Episode Count: 0135
Series Count: (25 of 36)
First Appearance: Starro

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