20 January 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Sea-Snares of Captain Sly

Some divers laid some traps including a giant fruit roll-up that turned invisible to capture the "Aqua boob." Not sure what Captain Sly had against Aquaman though. And although it was funny watching Aquaman swim into a pane of glass like a stupid fish in a tank, it didn't seem a terribly dangerous trap. The fruit roll-up on the other hand managed to defeat the lad. After a minute or so. the episode devolved into an all out fight between the goons and Aquaman and his fish. One truly odd thing did stand out in the episode though, in a period of 10 seconds (literally, I timed it) Aqualad was shown riding Imp, then a giant sea turtle, then a swordfish. The boy really gets around.

Episode Count: 0138
Series Count: (28 of 36)

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