16 January 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Sea Scavengers

For the second episode in a row, Aquaman has joined forces with land dwellers, this time to protect an off shore oil drilling platform. Now, I am certainly no Green Peacer or anything like that, but I do find it odd that Aquaman and Mr. Oil Driller man would be so chummy.
Anyways, "Scavo" attacked the platform with his giant robut. A-Man countered with his fish brigade. Even with his throwing pinwheels and torpedo's Scavo's robut was no match for whale power. Nor were his "super hard bubbles" a match for Aquaman's "attack from the rear." Scavo's last ditch effort at boiling the ocean was foiled by a marlin induced tsunami. This is about the point in the series, that like Superman and Superboy before, its becoming obvious that the writers were running out of good ideas and the episodes were crossing from ridiculous-good to ridiculous-idiotic.

Episode Count: 0134
Series Count: (24 of 36)

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