31 January 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Silver Sphere

The episode opened with the Lizardmen and Tortoides fighting over a shiny sphere that can magically split rocks. If I were Aquaman (not only would I have the lovely Mera on my arm but), I would take this opportunity to conquer both species under threat of squid attack since that worked so well to settle conflict just a couple episodes back.
Instead, Aquaman established the undersea Olympics. Let the games begin indeed. Enter Black Manta to steal the spherical trophy. For some reason Aqualad got to represent the Tortoide Nation in the games and unsurprisingly, he won. The most ridiculous event? Underwater tightrope walking. In the end, the two non-amphibious races decided to share the ball. Aw, how sweet.

Episode Count: 0145
Series Count: (35 of 36)

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