01 February 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - To Catch a Fisherman

Always remember, a two legged fish can only be caught with a two legged bait. Words to live by. I thought Ernest Hemingway was going to have a cameo appearance in this episode but it turned out the Old Man of the Sea was none other than Oceanus. By the way, next time a giant clam opens up I sure hope there isn't an old man inside. Old man directed A-Man to some burning water (of course) to find the missing Tusky. But the whole thing was an overly elaborate ploy by the Fisherman. Turns out, the Fisherman even made himself a little costume and impersonated Oceanus so he could lure the A-team into his trap. But the two-legged bait prevailed and the Aquaman series concluded on a bit of a stale note.

Episode Count: 0146
Series Count: (36 of 36)

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