09 March 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Justice League of America Recap

Proving that more is not always better, the Justice League of America batch of episodes were pretty brutal to get through. Luckily there were only three episodes and each was just a few minutes. The three adventures all had essentially the same plot involving an alien attack requiring a divide and conquer approach. I thought that the last episode had promise, what with the compromised secret identities angle and all, but that ended up going nowhere. Maybe that's why Superman didn't mind killing the villain at the end, to keep his alias safe. I think that any of the sets of episodes focusing on a solo hero were superior to this batch. So, sadly the team up potential was really wasted. The only thing I can say for this trio of episodes is that they are historic but I have my fingers crossed that the sidekicks making up the Teen Titans carry out more compelling adventures. Oh, and WHERE IS AQUAMAN!?

Essential Episode:
None. If you have to watch one, just pick one, they are all about the same. Between Two Armies was the first, so might as well pick that one.

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