06 March 2012

Onscreen History of Red Tornado (and Other Robotic Weather Masters)

The silver age Red Tornado made his debut in 1968's Justice League of America #64. Although he has long been in the wings of the comic book Justice League, it is only in the last few years that the storm generating Red has been thrust into the forefront onscreen.

Red Tornado first appeared in Justice League Unlimited. It was during the return of the much more powerful android A.M.A.Z.O. that Red Tornado was cut in half and exploded. Though RT didn't let that get him down as he made additional subsequent cameo appearances.

Red Tornado made his first substantial appearance on Batman: The Brave and the Bold's Invasion of the Secret Santas! using the alias John Ulthoon.

Batman would latter tangle with an evil counterpart to Red Tornado dubbed the Silver Cyclone.

Red Tornado would eventually build himself an heir named Tornado Champion with similar weather related powers.

But as fate would have it, Champion would go astray renaming himself the Tornado Tyrant. Eventually, this Red Tornado too would explode, this time at the hands of the Faceless Hunter.

In Smallville's Absolute Justice, the golden age Red Tornado AKA Ma Hunkel, a strong woman who liked to cook for the JSA, made a cameo appearance. She was neither red, nor did she make tornados.

In Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, Red Tornado was among the new recruits of Batman brought on to fend off the Supers.

On the parallel Earth, one member of the Crime Syndicate bore a striking resemblance to Red. Blue Tornado, perhaps?

On Young Justice, Red Tornado was given an expanded role as the "den mother" to the team of young heroes.

Among the first enemies faced by the newly formed team was another robotic weather manipulator and possible fan of Twisted Sister, Mister Twister.

Later in the first season, Red Tornado's siblings crashed the party. Red Inferno and Red Torpedo had the ability to manipulate fire and water respectively. Like Tornado, they were built by the scientist T. O. Morrow to infiltrate the Justice Society and League. Red Inferno had done so unsuccessfully using the alias Firebrand during the JSA's glory days.

Red Volcano, manipulator of Earth, was Morrow's final creation who nearly decimated the earths population by causing the eruption of a mega-volcano. The plan ended badly for Volcano who was ultimately taken down by his repentant siblings.

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  1. I had (and still have) that issue with RT on it! I treasure it for the carefree summer memories it invokes.