16 April 2012

Announcing Your Guide to the DC Nation Shorts

For the past seven weeks, DC Nation has debuted at least two new animated shorts, a pattern that looks like it will continue for the foreseeable future. If you add in the shorts from the DC Nation sneak peek back in November, 17 shorts have already aired and keeping track of them has begun to be a bit of a challenge... until now. I have created a page dedicated to the DC Nation animated shorts, including a guide to the shorts that have aired (with links to the shorts), the upcoming schedule, available images of unaired but announced shorts, and a list of announced and rumored shorts.

Here is a rundown of the shorts so far, but look to the page for more updates as they become available.

Ranking the Shorts

#1 Super Best Friends Forever (2 aired so far, 1 scheduled) - The animation style and upbeat tone make these shorts the clear leader of the pack so far. The SBFF definitely deserve their own series or a spin-off featuring Harley.

#2 Animal Man (2 aired so far) - Another great comedic series with fantastic animation. Not sure this would be as easy to translate to series, but the shorts are both superb.

#3 New Teen Titans (3 aired so far, 1 teased [3D], 1 scheduled) - Just having the team back together is the biggest appeal, but the shorts have been entertaining.

#4 MAD Presents (2 aired so far, 1 scheduled) - I am probably a bigger fan of these than most. I found both Green Care Bear and Shazamwich! to be pretty hilarious. The big negative is that these are not original, but are recycled from MAD TV. There are some other good MAD shorts out there (That's What Super Friends are For), but there are also some lame ones. Hopefully only the best make it to DC Nation.

#5 Superman of Tokyo (2 aired so far) - The appeal here is the strange concept. Baby Kenta transforms into Superman when wearing the cape as a diaper. His mom is basically Lois Lane... creating an awkward love triangle. Not sure I love these, but I am interested to see where the story leads.

#6 Plastic Man (2 aired so far, 1 scheduled) - I like Plastic Man, but I don't find my self too excited about these shorts. They are mildly amusing.

#7 DC's World's Funnest (4 aired so far) - These have been a huge disappointment. I don't find them funny, AT ALL. But even if I did, which some may, there is nothing that differentiates one short from another. The individual shorts don't even have titles because they aren't about anything. Watching a clay Joker hop or a clay Superman eat cookies is just not that compelling.

Thoughts on Upcoming Shorts

Amethyst Princess of Gemworld - This looks incredibly cute. After being wowed by SBFF I am hoping these find a similar appeal.

Doom Patrol - The designs for this series look great. I am also looking forward to what may be the first dramatic series of shorts.

Thunder and Lightning - Sounds like it may have potential with a comedic focus on the kids of Black Lightning.

Shade, the Changing Man - Not sure what to think about this. I am unfamiliar with the character.

Justice League of Animals - The one image I have seen looks humorous.

Catwoman - Hopefully more like the comic book character and less like the Halle Berry version of the character. Probably won't be as intense as the Showcase short.

Dr. Fate - I love the comic book costume of Dr. Fate, not sure what the shorts will be like.
Sword of the Atom - I liked the Brave and the Bold episodes that drew from the Sword of the Atom material, so why not?

Vibe - Could go either way.

Starro the Conqueror - Not officially announced, but it sounds like an idea that could have good potential.

So that about wraps things up. I suppose some other characters I would like to see make the cut if I were a DC exec are Aquaman and Mera, Adventures of the variously colored Lantern Corps (or just Dex-Starr), Bat-Mite presents, and The Robins. What have been your favorite shorts? What other shorts would you like to see? Comment below!

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  1. I really enjoy the majority of these shorts. However, I really have no desire for the Aardman claymation or the "Superman of Tokyo" one. Very much looking forward to the upcoming ones.