18 April 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Will the Real Robin Please Stand Up?

Long before the real Slim Shady hit the scene, a bleached blond Robin look-alike fell under the tutelage of the Catwoman. But why was it that Catwoman could tell that a maskless dude looked like Robin, but she couldn't tell that Dick Grayson looked kinda like Robin.

With the "Robins" swapped, the Dynamic Duo had been infiltrated. Too bad the clone was such a wuss causing Batman to leave Catwoman to die because Robin had a stomach ache. Meanwhile, the real Robin proved to be pretty tough, literally digging himself out of the ground. The Robins faced off and in the end fake Robin got amnesia twice and faked it a third time.

I am also not sure if there was some sort of optical illusion hidden in this episode, but there sure were a lot of awkward face to face shots, but luckily none of them ended with a kiss.

Episode Count: 0185
Series Count: (21 of 34)
Doppelganger Count: 0008

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