20 April 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Simon the Pieman

"By ginger, it was a snap!" Or so said Simon the Pieman. Wait! Who? This crazy rolling pin wielding baker opened the episode by taking out all of the other Gotham supervillains. In spite of his beginners luck, Simon never made it as a mainstream baddie.

Simon and his henchmen dubbed "pie-thons" were relatively entertaining but quickly wore out their welcome with a penchant for pastry themed heists. "Simon says," "Easy as pie," and "Piece of cake" are catchphrases that already outstayed their welcome. So hopefully Simone and Co don't show up too often. On the other hand, like the Riddler, the Pieman had a hilarious voice that cracked me up. If only he had a more interesting game plan. I mean, what sort of villain targets County Fairs. If he really wanted to make a name for himself, he should have baked a giant exploding pie or something. At least there was a pie fight.

Episode Count: 0187
Series Count: (23 of 34)

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