05 May 2012

Watch The Avengers Post Credits Scenes

Spoilers Ahead Obviously

The introduction of Thanos is a pretty important turn for the Marvel Cinematic Universe as it opens all sorts of cosmic possibilities. We really need a good space superhero movie (ahem Green Lantern) and this opens the door for an Infinity Gauntlet movie, the in development Guardians of the Galaxy and more. This is possibly the biggest surprise since Nick showed up at the end of Iron Man. Enter stage 2!

UPDATE: Apparently there is a second post credits scene in the US at the very end with the whole team eating shawarma. VIDEO ADDED


  1. Actually its a Mid-Credit scene NOT the Post-Credit

  2. amazing how accurate he looks. can't wait to see this movie. and now can't wait for part 2!

  3. so only one bonus scene in the credits? n after credits?

  4. Did you put two and two together that the blue gem in Loki's staff is the mind gem from the Infinity Gauntlet??

    1. I did not think of that, but it would be quite cool.