05 May 2012

Avengers to Assemble Box Office Record?

With $80.5 Million banked on Friday alone, The Avengers looks likely to reach $175 to $180 Million this weekend which would be the biggest ever - bigger than HP7-2's $169 Million and bigger than The Dark Knight's $158 million. Not only would this put Marvel's The Avengers on track to become Marvel Studio's biggest movie yet, but it will already have nearly surpassed the domestic totals for Thor, Incredible Hulk, and Captain America. Impressive. Will the Dark Knight Rise to the challenge and retake the record?

Source Deadline


  1. Just checked out IMDB, and it is being reported to have grossed $200.3 million on the opening weekend. It is the 1st movie to break the $200m mark on a 3 day opening weekend. This is GREAT news for lovers of comic book movies!

    1. Unbelievable! And they said the genre was done.