22 June 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Bermuda Rectangle

Two minutes into this episode and the villain (appropriately named Professor Bubbles) was already driving me crazy with his ridiculous "bubble talk" accent. While I give the series credit for trying to create new villains rather than just using Joker or Penguin every episode, some of the original creations fell flat. Moonman was uber lame, Sweet Tooth, though more interesting was pretty stupid, and Bubbles was hair-pullingly annoying, lame, and stupid.

The episode wasn't a complete wash. I enjoyed watching the Bat-jet dive and transform into a submarine. In a weird way this did remind me of a James Bond movie, what with the underwater antics and spy music. We also got a sequence of Batman peppering a clams nose to make it sneeze... Yeah, I guess this was pretty much a dud. This really could have used  more cowbell, or at least some more Aquaman.
Episode Count: 0222
Series Count: (5 of 15)

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