20 June 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - A Sweet Joke on Gotham City

 Enter Sweet Tooth, an original creation inspired perhaps by Willy Wonka, whose evil plot was to turn Gotham's water supply into flowing chocolate. Seriously. Luckily he had a weakness - cookies. Seriously again.

 I don't know, I think a city might appreciate getting free chocolate out of the tap, then again, dropping a deuce in a pool of chocolate sounds less appealing. And a chocolate wash would be hell for laundry. Its obvious that this show was going for the tongue in cheek approach. Robins plan was to sneak in and pretend to be one of Sweet Tooth's kids using black marker on his teeth as a disguise. C'mon! I can't imagine that even a kid would find that logic sound. Even Cletus on the Simpsons can recognize his own kids, and ST only had three. An extra kid should stand out. The stupidest part was that the tip off was the fake missing teeth. If Robin really had been missing teeth he may have fooled old Sweetie. Thankfully Robin escaped before being turned into a "gooey chewy."

Of course the episode wouldn't be complete without the Bat Message which this time actually had no message at all, just Bat-Mite eating a Popsicle. Very strange. 

Episode Count: 0221
Series Count: (4 of 15)

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