21 June 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - One Year Later

Its been one year since the Crisis of Infinite Episodes project began, and I decided to use today's post for a little status update and some behind the scenes info.

Fun Facts:

I have watched 221 DC produced episodes, including seven complete series, totaling somewhere around 36 hours of animation

Episodes have spanned 4 decades

Even with only 16 episodes, the 1973 Super Friends series involved the longest total running time at nearly 12 hours thanks to nearly 45 minutes an episode

Well over 1,000 episodes to go (plus dozens of non-episode detours and surprises) which will take me at least into 2017 at the current count

Even though, there are plenty of these episodes that I would never care to watch again, it has been fun to see the development of the genre over time. Most of the episodes I watched over this first year, I had never seen before. Its been fun to stumble on some real gems. The Mechanical Monsters, The Imp-Practical Joker, A Devil of a Time, Menace of the Black Manta, and Gulliver's Gigantic Goof are just a few that come to mind. Honestly though, I am looking forward to getting into more familiar territory.

This upcoming year will reunite me with many of my forgotten childhood favorites including my highly anticipated Challenge of the Super Friends. And while year one was essentially a Filmation extravaganza, year two will be an avalanche of Super Friends. There are also some other series peppered in my future including the various Plastic Man series with which I am not yet well acquainted.

Now its time for a confession. I am not actually watching the daily episodes on the day of the post. And I am not writing this on June 21, 2012. In fact, consider this a time capsule from October 2011. About three months before the very first post, I began planning for this adventure. This involved cataloging all DC animation, planning the schedule, collecting videos, and researching animated parodies, commercials, and homages related to the DC heroes.You may be surprised how much time this took. Next, I began to watch episodes and draft posts, sometimes several a day, other days none. By the date of the first post, June 21, 2011, I had build up several months lead time. I continued to build steam until around September when I hit the 1973 Super Friends series and my pace slowed to about an episode a week. That was a dark time.

Its a good thing I built up that lead, because SF 1973 eroded about 2 months from my cache both because of its lengthy run time and its snail's pacing. And as of the writing of this post, I still have about 7 months lead. Who knows where I will be when this actually posts. Hopefully still going strong and still having a blast! Hope you are too.

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