09 October 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Water Beast

So, apparently Black Manta did appear on Super Friends prior to his induction into the Legion of Doom. I have no idea why he was just Manta, or why he opted for olive green garb, yet I must admit in any color I like the swagger in his step.

Not only was Mantra a step us from previous villains Insecta and Pisces, but he even had some muscle along that dished out a legitimate threat. Superman's powers were useless against a water beast and a water beast with fishkinesis is double trouble. Speaking of Superman, nice aerial acrobatics.

It was also interesting seeing the Wonder Twins travel via pelican back. Makes you wonder why Zan usually opts for water bucket if he could always travel this way. Actually, why doesn't Jayna choose something like giant pterodactyl every time? Does she think that would be showing off? Although a mosquito does sound sneaky, it also makes her quite vulnerable. In all, this was one of the more memorable outings, even if it as full of Scooby Doo style antics like running in place and a scientifically unsound resolution, it was a bit of fun and a good display of teamwork

Episode Count: 0263
Series Count: (31 of 60)

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