22 January 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Attack of the Vampire

 The Wonder Twins segments so far have been a bit rough. Pairing them with the Legion of Doom segments only emphasizes their shortcomings, but I still admit to having huge expectations going into this one. It wasn't a great episode BUT Super-Vamp all but redeemed it.The Wonder Vamps were the icing on the cake.

There were some problems with the episode. For example, why did the vampires have heat vision? and why were people turned into "zombies" rather than vampires? and why where they transformed by dust and beams rather than bites? and how do you miss when shooting at someone from your eyes? and how does a steam powered ice rocket work? 

Also notable was the accidental making of an Abominable Snow Gleek who got in the way of a fist bump. But I swear I remember an episode from when I was a kid where the Twins could only make contact by using Gleek as a relay. When that one comes up, I am calling BS. Another BS issue was that Batman and Robin had a pointless encounter with a giant spider for about 5 seconds. What in the world was the purpose of that?

Episode Count: 0303
Series Count: (11 of 32)
Big Bugs Count: 0009

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