26 January 2013

Watch Supermanatee and the DC Nation Farm League

Today marked the debut of yet another series of shorts to DC Nation - DC Nation's Farm League. And you can watch now!

This time, we got not one, but two short shorts introducing several heroes and villains in this barnyard take on the Justice League. During the first segment, The Boiled Wonder, Supermanatee and The Flish took on Lex Liger to save the Robin, character (Robin's Egg) who is an egg... Up next in, When the League's Away, Shazham battled Duckseid while Wonder Wombat and Aquamandril were off on a mission. 

I don't know if the series name was changed to Farm League, but in the past it had been referred to as Justice League of Animals (JLA)

Another notable change from early art is that the now Supermanatee was apparently originally pitched as a duck. In any case, while not a home run like Amethyst and Bat Man of Shanghai, the Farm League seems poised for some good innings with the likes of Cybug a Bizarro-dog, a Sinestro-hippo, and others. Just home that Brainiac cow is still in the works. He looks a-moo-zing.



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