21 January 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Trial of the Super Friends

Liquid light? What will they think of next? But that's not all the Legion of Doom was after. Again, the Legion started off being incredibly tricky. Cheetah made holographic duplicates, but Wonder Woman realized that only one had a shadow and lassoed her, BUT Cheetah anticipated that and the "real" Cheetah was actually a rocket. Score Cheetah 1 magic lasso. Green Lantern was also tricked out of his ring and the Dynamic Duo, their utility belts.

In fact, the scene where Scarecrow stole the belts was quite Hitchcockian with a flock of crows attacking the Batman and his Bird Boy. I also quite enjoyed Judge Luthor's purple robes. I don't understand why the Legion even bothered with a trial though, I guess just to mess around with the Friends. What can I say, this was another wonderfully entertaining adventure that culminated with the Friends fighting against robot impostors with their own super devices. 

Episode Count: 0302
Series Count: (10 of 32)
Doppelganger Count: 0013

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