06 February 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Conquerors of the Future

Ah, another classic. In this one, the Legion acted as if they had reformed, beating the heroes to avert crises. It was pretty hilarious watching as the Legion acted shocked that they were being accused of any wrong doing. Why ever would the Friends have gotten that idea? And then out of the blue the episode changed plots.

Of course the good act was all a ruse, but the plot thickened when the show went all Time Machine and the Legion recruited some Morlocky types, AKA the Barlocks, in the future and conquered future Earth. So, why was the Legion acting reformed? That was not really clear. Once again the Riddler spoiled the Legions victory by cluing in the Friends, even though his detour did result in a random encounter with giant future spiders. Guess the episode needed an extra 30 seconds. In the end, Superman and co saved future Gandalf from the Legion. Even though this wasn't top tier, it was reasonably fun.

Episode Count: 0314
Series Count: (22 of 32)
Big Bugs Count: 0011

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