08 February 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Final Challenge

Another great and memorable one. In this episode, the heroes and villains were pitted matches that would determine who lived and who died, Star Trek Arena style. And while I guess not all the heroes could win their bouts, poor Aquaman lost to Darth Manta (who oddly now pilots a space ship) and Apache Chief was outwitted by Scarecrow. Batman defeated the Riddler, Wonder Woman beat Cheetah, and Superman bested Bizarro. In the end, the Friends and Legion teamed against their games master and the status quo prevailed.

In another interesting twist, Sinestro made a big yellow bug construct who I am choosing to believe was the first onscreen appearance of Parallax. Not really, but maybe I can start the rumor.

Episode Count: 0316
Series Count: (24 of 32)
Big Bugs Count: 0013
First Appearance (Nor Really): Parallax

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