04 February 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Swamp of the Living Dead

Once again, feeling inadequate in their own evilness, the Legion of Doom sought the help of an old woman in a swamp who happened to have connections to an evil floating head. Once the head boxed all the Super Friends like a bad Cylon model, the Legion expected to get a boost in their evil rankings.Translation, they could control zombies.

Stupidly, the Legion overplayed their hand, turning the zombies on the floating head. So, they put him in a bubble. Surprisingly, they were surprised when it didn't hold. With the zombies now turned on the Legion, the only recourse was to free the Super Friends. Inexplicably, the swamp hag told the Friends how to defeat the zombies - with vines. There were far too many stupid twists in this episode, the last of which revealing the floating head was the witch. Who cares! This one earns a recommendation for a solid skip.

Episode Count: 0312
Series Count: (20 of 32)

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