20 February 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - History of Doom

While it was a fairly decent episode it was an odd one to be the last. This tale was part clip show, but only just a little bit even if that bit was entirely pointless. The rest was a mix of interesting origins of Lex Luthor, Giganta, and the Legion mixed with a new tale in which the League themselves needed saving. It was all an odd mish-mash, but it deeply saddens me that this is the last of the bunch.

The Lex origin was a treat in that it showed a young Luthor and Superboy as friends before Lex's jealousy got in the way. Giganta's origin also was fun and much improved over her comic beginnings as an ape turned woman. And hey, were those three from the future the same three that got conquered earlier in the season? Either way, thanks to magic, the series ended on a do over.

Episode Count: 0324
Series Count: (32 of 32)

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